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Shakefork Community Farm Label

I was approached by a wonderful individual from Shakefork Community Farm in Carlotta, CA. She needed a label created for their pasture grown chicken. The client had a few specifications for the label: they wanted their logo included (the shakefork image), some sort of incorporation with a chicken, and orange-bronze colors to match the colors of their red broiler chickens.

Taking all this into account, I wanted to create a label that incorporated all their requirements and did not feel cluttered or extravagent. I included a wheat stalk because in researching their farm, I found they harvest wheat and many other types of grain. Wheat was one of the first things this farm produced, so it is an important part of their identity and I wanted to make sure to include it. The placement of the shakefork was important, because I did not want it to seem as if the chicken was being hurt by the tool. Overall, the clean design and crisp colors create a simplistic label while getting all the important information accross to the buyer. Along with that, its design allowed it to stand out among other sellers in the market and provides Shakefork Community Farm with high sales.

My client from Shakefork Community Farm was very excited with the product, and looks forward to continuing her poultry sales.

shakefork label

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Peet's Coffee & Tea T-shirt Design
2010 National Contest Winner

As an employee at Peet's Coffee & Tea, I entered the Annual T-shirt Design Contest for 2010. 14 designs were chosen by Peet's corporate design team, and the winning T-shirt was then voted on by the retail stores. Out of almost 400 stores, the majority voted for my design, and it was printed on limited edition T-shirts and distributed to all employees at Peet's.

I wanted to create a design that was simple, straight-forward, and easy to recognize, so I focused on creating the design to fit into the shape of a coffee cup, much like the ones Peet's serves to its customers. Peet's is dedicated to providing the highest quality and freshest coffee to its customers, beginning with coffee sourcing, roasting, transportation, preparation, and finally finishing when the customer takes their first sip. Focusing on this, I chose words for my design that exemplify Peet's standards: Respect, Dedication, High Standards, Fresh, Diversity, Outreach, and Care. Underneath, I included what I felt the most straight-forward message to be: Drink Peet's. It neither pressures the viewer nor demands attention, it simply states a request that can be followed or ignored, but still allows for an aesthetic composition. I chose the colors cream and orange, printed on a brown T-shirt, because together those colors form a perfect image of drip coffee and espresso. The creme represents the crema that forms at the top of a well-pulled espresso shot, the orange represents the espresso shot as it ripples into the shot glass, changing from a rusty-orange to lighter variations. Finally, the brown shirt mimics the smooth color of deep-roasted drip coffee. Together these colors work well and allude to coffee, even before you see the details of the design.

Through my design, I hope that customers and the general public will see that through Peet's Coffee & Tea, their coffee experience will satisfy all their expectations in customer service, taste, freshness, and quality, if not exceed them.

peets tshirt

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Twisted Triangle

The identity and label project for Twisted Triangle, a private label beer that is not marketed or sold, was brought to me in the summer of 2009 by a close acquaintance at Amazon.com. The client needed an identity that would convey the interconnected nature of the group of individuals who coined the brand after their namesake. They approached me with three brewed beers each in need of a label. Additionally, they wanted a logo that would represent the brand’s name and be versatile enough to represent each individual beer while keeping consistency with the brand. To that end, each brew was designated a color that best represented its character. Orange was best suited for the IPA because it is a lighter beer and the orange mimics the transparency the beer portrays when light shines through the bottle. Brown was designated for the Porter to portray its opaque and murky appearance, and green was chosen for the Stout to represent its strong Irish roots. The triangle depicted in the logo makes almost no logical sense and forces the viewer to attempt rotating it in space as a three-dimensional object to begin justifying its form. The typography is both sophisticated and playful, which accurately characterizes the group of individuals who call themselves “Twisted Triangle.”

The labels were printed on a paper-based pressure sensitive adhesive material and die-cut, providing a professionally finished product, despite the small production run. You won’t find any Twisted Triangles on the shelves of your local grocery store as they were only available at a private event. However, the most meaningful measures of success were the countless comments received and the empty bottles that went home with people as a trophy of sorts rather than being tossed into a recycling bin!

Twisted Triangle

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Sodcutter Communications

Sodcutter Communications (Sodcomm) is a company dedicated to improving communication between organizations and everyone they come in contact with. Sodcomm specializes in small local start-ups and strives to help them tell their stories. Their logo required a design concept that would represent growth and progression, to portray Sodcomm’s ability to both communicate another business’ stories successfully and the growth that is to be expected from that communication. The arrow in the logo moves back and forth, much like switchbacks that scale the side of a mountain, representing the nature of a start-up and how Sodcomm can help a struggling business scale the large obstacle of creating a fresh beginning. The arrow points up and to the right, drawing upon human nature, symbolizing progress and success. The strength of the red color inspires confidence in users of Sodcomm’s services. The word communications is emphasized in red to set it apart and highlight the most important aspect of Sodcomm’s business: communication.

Sodcomm’s letterhead and business cards needed to portray a clear and concise vision of the company, playing off consistent colors used in the logo design and on their website. Their letterhead includes all the necessary contact information without overwhelming the page, while supplying the viewer with Sodcomm’s central ideals: clarity, consistency, and punctuation. The business card takes the dark gray color from the Sodcomm logo and uses it to make all the information within the card pop, drawing attention and increasing its aesthetic value. It draws upon elements from the website as well, particularly the swoosh that sweeps across the lower half of the front and the typography on the backside.

Sodcutter Communications Sodcutter Communications

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Millie Bown Leadership Logo
used on Seattle University website

This logo, commissioned by The Millie Bown Russell Leadership Learning Community, was designed with the Seattle University mission in mind: “empowering leaders for a just and humane world.” With that in mind, the intent was to graphically represent the message in a very literal way, by using an illustration of a globe surrounded by several shades of illustrated hands to represent multiple ethnicities. The circular shape of the logo demonstrates the community's inclusive nature, welcoming a comprehensive and global participation of their mission, while the serif font depicts the professionalism and recognition of this community on SU's campus. The text on the colored stripes represents the different facets of leadership for justice, while the entire circle is surrounded by the over-arching theme of the community. This logo is in use on Seattle University's website, in promotional brochures, and is installed on the wall of the physical Leadership Learning Community floor of a dormitory on campus.

Leadership Logo use on SU website

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Life, Leadership, & Dogs

A small Seattle-based life coaching business called Life, Leadership, & Dogs approached me with a need for a logo. Their foremost concern was to visually represent their service offerings of “improving your life through interactions with your dog and using those positive communication skills in other relationships.” Attempts at using abstract imagery left the client with feelings of confusion and uncertainty. After several revisions, a more literal approach was settled on by creating a stylized and picturesque logo that emphasizes an interaction between a dog and person. The boy and his dog sitting on the dock looking out at the world creates imagery that conveys feelings of comfort, security, warmth, playfulness, and open-mindedness. Positioned beside the logo, clean, crisp typography utilizes a serif font that exemplifies the professionalism of this coaching business. While a less literal approach may have proved a viable solution, the client’s need for instant visual recognition across several mediums (ranging from vehicle graphics to the internet and print) drove the decision to the final form that the identity took on.

Life, Leadership, & Dogs Logo

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Wirta Hospitality Worldwide (WHW) Re-Design

Wirta Hospitality Worldwide requested a small re-design on their identity collateral due to pre-existing muted color tones and hierarchical adjustments. I redesigned their business cards to allow for a more flexible layout that could accommodate more information and appropriate hierarchy. Further, color contrast and saturation were boosted to achieve a more aesthetically-pleasing balance. Their letterhead and envelope provide a clean and professional representation of the company, matching the crisp minimalist design style of the business cards.

WHW Identity

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Julie Fitch - Personal Business Cards

I was approached by an individual who needed a simple business card for her job as a Teen Services Librarian. Julie wanted a card that was very basic and had all her contact information on it, so she would have an easier time networking. I chose to incorporate the image of books into the background of her card, since books are the basis of her work. I photographed the binding of an older book and used the texture in her card. I created a simple logo for her name, consisting of her initials J and F, and chose a semi-formal typeface that is professional and inviting. All her necessary contact information is included in a succinct and organized manner, allowing for effortless comprehension by the viewer. Julie was very pleased with her cards and is delighted to use them in her profession.