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I am a Seattle native and have enjoyed Seattle’s rich culture my entire life. Born and raised in Ballard, I developed a love and passion for art and most recently for visual communication through digital design. I have a tendency for hand-kerning my type, paying close attention to detail, and exercising meticulous organizational skills. I value developing strong relationships with clients and establishing trust to ensure that I can represent their company with strong and innovative ideas. Having recently graduated from Seattle University, I am excited to be at this point in my life: free to develop as a designer and begin shaping my career.

AsiaDesign Philosophy
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In my work, it is my foremost intention to exhibit clear, effective communication through clean and intentional design. It is my goal to profoundly affect every client and project that I come in contact with by designing meaningful and effective material that simultaneously educates others to recognize good design.

So you may be wondering, what is my definition of good design? Good design is something that often goes unnoticed because it functions so well. Subpar design is more likely to attract attention because it fails to perform its duties of highlighting the message that it should be attempting to communicate. Conversely, well designed materials do just the opposite; the message of the piece is clearly conveyed through elements such as consistency, color, size relationships, and many other design elements.